Sanford, NC Pest Control Services

With its affordable real estate prices, good schools and pleasant city culture, Sanford is a place that many love to call home. The climate is also an attraction. Winter temperatures are not bitterly cold, and summer temperatures are usually warm. This also means that a variety of pests can be problematic throughout the year. These are some of the most common ones in the area.


There are several varieties of beetles that invade homes. While they are more common during the summer, it is still possible to see them during the winter. They enter the home through cracks under doors or windows. These pests have a distinct shell, antennae and mouth parts. They develop through a four-part life cycle. While some are beneficial during the summer by eating insects outdoors, others can destroy garden plants. Carpet beetles will chew carpet, furniture and other fabric fibers. Also, they will eat wood and paper. Flour beetles are usually found in flour or in food containers that are not properly sealed.


Since they are so small, ants can crawl through the tiniest crevices and cracks along doors and windows. They may even fit through many screen windows unless a special fine mesh is used. Ants are often found in food containers and especially sugar bags that are not sealed properly. They will eat cereal, crackers and other items that are not in airtight containers. These tiny pests can build large colonies behind walls and baseboards, and they may find a path from a colony outside. Some ants also bite or sting. Carpenter ants are larger and can destroy wood.


These pests are usually distinguishable by their shape and quick movement. They may be light tan to black in color depending on the type. While some roaches are very large, others are tiny. Cockroaches like places with moisture and food. They will eat rotting garbage, residue in the bottom of the sink and anything they can find in a bathroom. These pests are usually sighted in sinks, in tubs and near food sources. They build their colonies in places that are hard to see or reach and multiply quickly.

Each of these pests are especially problematic because of how fast and large their colonies grow. At State Pest Control, we encourage people not to try DIY or home removal methods that are ineffective and dangerous. We employ preventative treatments, effective removal methods and other helpful steps such as moisture control to prevent a recurring problem. Our philosophy is to treat every facet of the problem. If you have any type of pest from bedbugs or termites to cockroaches or mice, we can help. Our company has maintained a reputation for quality service for over 50 years. Please call us today for a pest inspection or for a free service estimate.