Moisture Control in NC

Controlling humidity is one of the most important steps you can take in protecting your home.  Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture intrusion and excessive relative humidity by virtue of their design—a hole in the ground surrounded by moisture. Ground moisture is a significant source of dampness and humidity under and around the foundation of a house even without standing water.  Another major source of moisture in crawl spaces is from infiltration—outside moisture in the air coming in through doors, windows, cracks, plumbing and refrigeration penetrations and other imperfections.

Excessive moisture can result in structural damage to wood, contribute to fungus and mold issues, and create conducive conditions for termites, wood boring beetles and other pests.

Available Solutions

State Pest Control recommends having your crawl space visually inspected and the moisture rate measured annually.  Based on our findings and severity of any issues, several solutions are available for moisture control.

  • Vapor barriers
  • Professional grade dehumidifiers with HEPA registered filtration
  • Automatic temperature vents and power vents
  • Crawl space excavation and sump pumps
  • Borate based product application

Don’t let moisture issues cause damage to your home.  

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