Fayetteville Pest Control

North Carolina gets the best of all seasons, which makes the state a perfect habitat for both people and pests. Even if you don't see insects or rodents freely moving about your home doesn't mean there aren't unwelcome guests lurking within your walls, which is why regular pest inspections are a requirement in this region. Below are just a few of the opportunistic creatures encroaching on homes and businesses in NC.


Termites are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage each year. Although termites usually hide in dark places, they leave traces of their movements by discarding wings on floors, counters and window seals. Structural problems often go unnoticed until significant damage has already been inflicted upon a building, so catching a termite infestation early can prevent expensive repair bills.


Ants are experts at navigating through tiny cracks in buildings to steal human food. Therefore, a clean kitchen is one of the best defenses against ants. Once ants are inside, they become increasingly difficult to control as their populations increase.
Ants are more than an inconvenience; some eat away at the infrastructure of your home while others can provoke allergic reactions in humans. Bug sprays and DIY strategies are only stop gap solutions; the only reliable way to make sure ants stay away for good is to call in a professional pest control service.


Roaches breed incredibly fast, so if you see one running across your floor, there could be hundreds nesting in the interior of your building. In addition to looking hideous, roaches are also vectors for diseases that affect people and their pets. Some humans are even allergic to roaches, and asthma patients seem particularly vulnerable to reactions. Cockroaches are notorious for their survival abilities, so don't waste your time with regular commercial pesticides. The only effective way to end a roach infestation is a comprehensive plan that involves continuous monitoring to ensure that future generations of roaches do not replace the current generation.

Fayetteville Pest Control Solutions and Service Plans

If you suspect that bugs, rodents or other pests have taken residence in your home, you need State Pest Control to put a stop to the infestation before your problems multiply. State Pest Control has been the premier extermination service in central North Carolina for five decades thanks to our commitment to protecting our community. Our eco-friendly pest control services prioritize your health and safety, and our trained technicians can implement strategies to prevent future invasions. Call or visit one of our five locations to learn about our service plans so that your home can remain pest-free all year long.