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How to Have a Pest-Free 4th of July Party

Ants on tableJuly the Fourth is a special time of year when people gather together for great food, good times and lots of fireworks. Though some people drive downtown for a grand celebration, others host parties at home for the convenience and the intimate setting. If you want to enjoy this holiday without pests getting in the way, State Pest Control has three tips for your Fourth of July party.

3 Pest Control Tips for Independence Day

1.) Inspect for Pests Before the Party

Inspect your home for signs of pest infestations, such as droppings inside cabinets and insect carcasses under chairs. Look for dead insects in the windows and spiders in the corners. If you see the insects or detect activity, you'll need to take action before the pests get out of control.

2.) Clean up the Clutter

Clutter gets in the way of you and your guests, but it also provides shelter for pest insects and rodents. Clean up the clutter in your yard and inside your home to eliminate the pests' hiding spots. If you see pests beneath or inside the clutter, treat them right away to prevent them from finding another hiding spot somewhere else inside or outside of your home.

3.) Pretreat for Pests in and Outside Your Home

Taking preventative action is a great way to keep pests from showing up during your party. Setting out insect bait or placing traps in conspicuous places will help to capture the pests. If it's a large infestation, it will take more than a few do-it-yourself treatments to eliminate the problem by the Fourth of July. Consider talking with a pest control professional to learn other ways to combat the pests and to eliminate them for good.

Fourth of July Pest Control Services

Pest insects and rodents are the last things that you'd want to see at your Fourth of July party. They can also make a bad impression on your guests and prevent people from coming back to your house next year. State Pest Control's professional technicians can inspect your property for pests beforehand and eliminate an infestation, giving you a pest-free home not only for the party but also the summer.

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