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Five Reasons to Have Regular Professional Pest Control

Your furniture is set up, you’ve started keeping cereal in its original box again, you’ve thrown out all of those archaic mouse traps and begin to relax. As you relax, think about setting up regular professional pest control. If you’re not sure if it’s a good idea, these five reasons can show you why < href="/pest-prevention" title="pest control">regular pest control is the best thing to do.

  1. New Pests Can Use Old Pathways to Your Home
  2. Insects and other pests were able to get into your house somehow. An initial treating may eradicate your infestation, but those pathways into your home can remain. Old spider webs, nests and ant hills are all examples of abandoned shelters where new pests can find their homes. Exterminators like State Pest Control examine these pathways and nests and seal them off.

  3. Pests Can be Difficult to Kill
  4. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. These bugs hide in tiny crevices that some treatment may not be able to reach. Furniture and carpets can store eggs that lay dormant for months before hatching. Regular treatments will make sure to get all of the pests, even if they cannot be seen visibly.

  5. Prevent Future Infestations
  6. Having an infestation is stressful, so it makes logical sense to want to prevent getting one again. Pests like ticks lay in waiting to latch onto their food. They can hide anywhere in your yard, and you’re their free ticket inside. Do-It-Yourself steps may not keep them away, but setting up monthly maintenance can. State Pest Control can make sure to treat both the inside and the outside to make sure you don’t get new visitors in your home.

  7. Having Peace of Mind
  8. Having a pest infestation is stressful. It is embarrassing, it can be scary to think of the diseases and harm that could come to you or your family, and it can drain your bank account. When you know that there are people constantly watching and treating pests for you, it takes all of that stress away so you can go back to living a peaceful life.

  9. It’s More Expensive to Not Have Regular Inspections
  10. Do-It-Yourself techniques can be expensive with no guarantee of working. There are many chances that you can have an infestation and not know about it, like with termites. Not only are they expensive to exterminate, but by the time you find out about them, there could be hundreds of dollars of structural damage to your home.

Many pest control companies have plans that you can sign up for where there are routine inspections and treatments for a lower cost than one huge extermination. Contact State Pest Control today to learn more about our pest management solutions that can make sure you are able to live your best life, pest free.

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