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Preventing Ants From Joining Your Summer BBQs

While you probably want to have a lot of guests at your summer BBQs, one guest that you're likely to want to stay away is ants. Ants can get in your food, bite your invited guests and generally cause a lot of trouble. The good news is there are a few ways to ensure that these unwelcome guests stay away from your get together.

Prep Your Lawn

Ants and other pests find it easier to hide in tall grass, so it's a good idea to mow or trim your lawn before your event. There are also a number of substances that ants won't or don't like to travel over, so you may want to create a perimeter around the areas you'll be eating in.

Lines made of chalk, cinnamon and crumbled up charcoal are all able to deter ants. Additionally, these substances are unlikely to bother pets or children who are playing in your yard.

Try To Keep Food Off Of The Ground

It's almost impossible not to drop food during a barbecue or cookout, but as soon as food hits the ground, it's likely that ants will come running. Try to clean up spills as quickly as possible, and you may want to lay something around your grill to catch anything that falls. You can easily throw away a plastic bag or a few paper towels that catch debris.

Keep Food In Closed Containers

In the same way that the smell of food that has fallen on the ground can bring ants to your lawn, food that is in containers can also send out signals to ants that its time to eat. If possible, keep food in closed containers. This will both keep ants from getting into them and reduce the scents that attract ants in the first place.

Have Professionals Spray Before Your BBQ

If you have a fairly severe ant problem or have found that DIY ant control remedies haven't been enough in the past, you may want to consider having professionals come in and spray your yard before your summertime BBQ. Along with having your lawn sprayed, bait can also be placed around your home, which can help keep ants away from your food and guests.

To ensure that you and your guests have a fun and pest-free holiday, get in touch with State Pest Control. We provide outstanding pest control services in central North Carolina, and we can help you figure out an effective way to keep pests out while ensuring that your guests are safe and happy during your summer cookouts.

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