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General Pest Prevention: Ants, Roaches

You are far from the only person worried about keeping their home free of annoying pests that can cause health problems. In fact, pest prevention is a major issue for the majority of North Carolina residents these days.

High on the list of insects that no-one wants to see in their home are cockroaches and ants. Both of these types of pests can make your life miserable once they set up home and start breeding. So, what can you do about it?


The number of ants in the world is far greater than the human population. There are also many different types of them around too.
In North Carolina, fire ants are among those you will most want to be aware of. You can identify them because of their red or copper body, with a darker abdomen. When this ant stings you, it can cause a painful infection like a white mound, with some people even dying due to the sting.

Also, living in this part of the country are the likes of carpenter ants. In this case, you will want to look out for red or black ants that live in wood and can cause damage to the property. Rather than sting, they bite.

You might also come across the likes of house ants, black ants, and thief ants.

The reason they are in your house is almost certainly because they found something to eat there. If you can avoid leaving out traces of food then they will have no reason to hang around.


Who wouldn’t feel freaked out by finding that cockroaches have found an ideal breeding ground in their house? If you see roaches in North Carolina then there is a good chance that they are of either the smokybrown or American varieties.

The American roach is a little bit bigger and has lighter colored edges, while the smokybrown is a solid brown color. Both kinds of cockroaches can spread bacteria very easily around a home. In some families, they also make allergies worse and can cause asthma symptoms to deteriorate.

If you spot any of these pests at home then they have found something to eat there. As with the ant problem, the best way to beat them is to cut off their food source by not leaving food or unwashed plates around.

The Best Solution for Pest Control

As the pest population grows, it can easily get out of control. This means that ridding your home of them can seem like too big of a job to handle alone. If this is the case then you should call State Pest Control. We are here to handle the pest control jobs that you want done to the highest possible standards.

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